Canvas Care

Should I use a Jet Washer to clean my canvas top?

This is not a good idea, the force of the jet can damage stitching and mark the canvas surface. 

How much product is required?

This very much depends on the vehicle being treated, but as a guide 500ml is enough for a two seater sports car such as a MGF or BMW Z3. One litre is enough for a four seater convertible such as a Saab 9-3 or Audi A4 convertible.

How frequently should I use Protex Canvas Waterproofer?

To maintain a good level of protection - every 6 months

How long will the restorer take to dry?

As a general guide at least 1 hour but can be as long as 3 hours.

Will the products harm my paintwork?

Protex soft top products are water based so will not damage your soft top or your paintwork.


Leather Care

Can I use Saddle soap to clean my leather interior?

Saddle soap is excellent for cleaning equestrian leather, but is far too coarse for car interior leather. The hide used in car upholstery is lacquered and hot rolled, which requires a very different cleaning process.

Should I use Neat's foot oil to soften my leather interior?

Neate's foot oil, obtained from cattle hooves is a standard preparation for softening and pre-serving riding boots and harness leather. If used on car interior leather it can stain it quite irretrievably.