Protex Vinyl Waterproofer 500ml

Protex Vinyl Waterproofer 500ml

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Specially formulated to seal and protect your vinyl soft top this silicon based sealant will provide protection against moisture and other environmental damage. Used after Protex Vinyl Cleaner this is the final stage in the Protex soft top restoration process.

Application: - A litre of waterproofer is usually enough for two coats of an average size soft-top. Do not apply the restorer in direct sunlight as drying time will be to fast possible causing an uneven finish.

Shake well and pour into a suitable container then starting at the centre and working outwards apply the waterproofer quickly and evenly with a clean paint brush or applicator pad taking care not to spill any onto the vehicles paintwork. Allow the waterproofer to dry and then buff with a cotton towel or microfibre clothe.

Do not expose to moisture until the proofer has completely dried. It is recommended that the vinyl is sealed and protected using Protex Vinyl Waterproofer every six months.