Protex Leather Cleaner 500ml

Protex Leather Cleaner 500ml

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Specially formulated to gentley clean leather upholstery, this cleaner will remove everyday contaminants before either Protex colour restorer or leather sealant with conditioner is applied. Cleaning is the first stage in the Protex leather care restoration process.

Application: The leather upholstery must be colourfast so test on an inconspicuous area first to ensure the leather colour does not run. Do not apply the cleaner in direct sunlight as drying time will be too fast, preventing the cleaner from working properly.

Working with a small area at a time, spray the cleaner onto the leather and leave for 5 minutes to allow the cleaner to penetrate the leather then gently scrub using a soft brush to loosen dirt and grime. Remove dampened dirt and grime with a clean microfiber clothe.

It is recommended that the canvas is then restored using Protex colour restorer or leather sealant with conditioner.